About Me

Ludger Viefhues-Bailey is Distinguished Professor for Philosophy, Gender, and Culture at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.

My contribution to the field of Modern Religious Thought & Political Theology lies in the analysis of how discourses of religion and sexuality co-determine each other. To this end I integrate philosophical modes of analysis with those pertaining to gender and cultural studies.

I received my PhD in 2001 from Harvard University where I studied with Hilary Putnam and Sarah Coakley. Before coming to Le Moyne I was associate professor for Methods and Theory in the Study of Religion at Yale University where I taught from 2002-2010.

My work has 2 foci: First, the connection between sexual and epistemological practices. Here I have written: Beyond the Philosopher’s Fear. A Cavellian Reading of Gender, Origin, and Religion in Modern Skepticism (Ashgate 2007).

Secondly, I am interested in tracing how religious, sexual, and political normativities emerge together in modern secular nation states, a topic that lead me to write my second book called: Between a Man and a Woman? Why Conservative Christian Oppose Same-Sex Marriage. (Columbia University Press, 2010).

Currently, I am working on a book entitled We the People! Christianities, Sexualities, Publics.

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My life-partner is Mr.Kevin Viefhues-Bailey

(Photo by Noel Furie, Bridgeport, CT)