About Me

Ludger Viefhues-Bailey is Distinguished Professor for Philosophy, Gender, and Culture at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.

My contribution to the field of Modern Religious Thought lies in the analysis of how discourses of religion and sexuality co-determine each other. To this end I integrate philosophical modes of analysis with those pertaining to gender and cultural studies.

Currently, I serve, together with Professor Michael Rea, as co-chair of the philosophy of religion section of the American Academy of Religion.

I received my PhD in 2001 from Harvard University where I studied with Hilary Putnam and Sarah Coakley. Before coming to Le Moyne I was associate professor for Methods and Theory in the Study of Religion at Yale University where I taught from 2002-2010.


My work has 2 foci: First, the connection between sexual and epistemological practices. Here I have written: Beyond the Philosopher’s Fear. A Cavellian Reading of Gender, Origin, and Religion in Modern Skepticism (Ashgate 2007).

Secondly, I am interested in tracing how religious, sexual, and political normativities emerge together in modern secular nation states, a topic that lead me to write my second book called: Between a Man and a Woman? Why Conservative Christian Oppose Same-Sex Marriage. (Columbia University Press, 2010).

Currently, I am working on a book entitled No Separation. How Religion Makes the Secular Nation State.

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My life-partner is Mr.Kevin Viefhues-Bailey

(Photo by Noel Furie, Bridgeport, CT)